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Your own Domain Name registered and completely managed by us, with 24/7 toll−free technical support

$19.95 per year

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“Realizing Possibilities”

NetChain Communications is a full-featured Internet Service Provider. We offer:

  • Web site design
  • Web site and Application hosting
  • Web site optimization, to get you to the top of search engines
  • Nationwide Inexpensive Dial-up Accounts, to access the Internet through the telephone line
  • High-speed broadband Internet access - Wireless T1 (in South California only)
  • Network administration services (in South California only)
  • Software development
  • 24/7 Techical support over the phone

No credit cards? No problem!
We accept personal checks.

While everyone else require to use credit cards, we trust you. We can send you a monthly statement and you can pay by mail with your personal or business check or money order.

Please read more about our products and services by selecting links on the left side of this page.

We know that E-Mail is "fun" but lately most people keep forgetting about the convenience of a regular phone conversation, so just pick up the phone any time of a day or night and call us toll-free at:


You will talk to a real person. You will get instant answers, and believe us, it's faster than using E-mail.

Free Commercial Hosting for qualified members: If your web site is about jazz music, or you are jazz musician - we can host your web site for free. Why? Because we like and support jazz music, that's all. Call us to see if you qualified.

Up to 80% Discount on Commercial Hosting for qualified members: If your company is a non-profit or charitable organization - you may be eligible for discount up to 80%. Call us to see if you qualified.

Most Internet Service Provides host web sites on Linux-based servers. While it is also fast and reliable it is not always the best aproach. The primary reason for using Linux is because it's free. We can host your site on truly commercial servers based on Microsoft Windows 2003 Server for the price of Linux hosting.

Some of our products and services are based on the the following technologies and products: