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Page updated on:
Wed, 18 Oct 2006 16:34:00 GMT

Welcome to the NetChain Communications bandwidth test page. You can use this service to test your download throughput speed.

How this test works... when you click "Test My Bandwidth" below, a dummy image file is downloaded from our servers. The time it takes to download the file is used to calculate your bandwidth and the results are displayed.

Your bandwidth rate may be affected by the following factors... performing other downloads and this test simultaneously, or executing programs that use your bandwidth to monitor other resources. Also, while the test is in progress, do not use e-mail, instant messengers or any other programs that use the internet, because the test results will be lower.

Please select your connection type and press the Test button. The higher file size the longer it would take to download. For better accuracy you may select the connection type higher than you actually have.

Connection TypeRecommended File Size
Dialup100 KByte
Satellite300 KByte
DSL700 KByte
Cable1500 KByte
T13000 KByte
T310000 KByte

*Please note, that there's no reliable way to measure the bandwidth test of your internet connection due to the nature of the internet communication.