Realizing Possibilities

NetChain Communications, Inc.

NetChain Communications • www.NetChain.com • 1-800-477-2074 • PO Box 122805, San Diego, CA 92112

NetChain Communications is San Diego - based company. We have a team of very talented engineers, graphic designers and software developers.

Our specialties are: Interactive web-based applications, dynamic web sites, database-driven web sites, various web technologies, desktop applications, server services, database processing applications, financial/inventory management applications, robotic and industrial machinery control, networking communication, hardware design and its drivers, micro-controller devices design and implementation, system programming, and more.

NetChain Communications has the following groups:

  • ISP and ASP services
  • Software Development
  • Graphic Design
  • Electronic Engineering


  • various Internet services, i.e., web site hosting, Internet applications hosting, broadband and dial-up Internet access;
  • web development, including web-site design and graphic design;
  • software development such as desktop application, server applications, tools, utilities, data processing, etc.

We are committed to the quality of our services. We have a very simple logic: "A small dedicated, professional company can deliver quality customer service because of low overhead and still be profitable". Based on that we intend to know our customers and make them very, very happy - every single customer of ours, to be exact. We believe in commitment and professional low cost services. NetChain's group professionals as just as good and just as knowledgeable as anyone in our field. Our simple logic give us the advantage of quick adaption to new technologies. We can utilize our resources more efficiently than others, and focus on the quality of our services.

What does this mean to our customers?

Our products and services are better than others. They will cost you less than elsewhere. Yet, it is profitable enough to us to stay in business for a long time. Our company has been growing steadily since 1997 and intend to be serving customers for a very long time, because we value our every single customer.

Lev Shamilov,
Chief Technology Officer
NetChain Communications, Inc.