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Cancellation Policy

NetChain Communications • www.NetChain.com • 1-800-477-2074 • PO Box 122805, San Diego, CA 92112

You may cancel your account at anytime by sending request usign contact form or by email at or simply calling 619-512-2255.

If you have requested cancellation via email, our customer service representative will contact you by the phone to confirm your identity, on the following business day.

Only the account holders or the billing contact or credit card holder may cancel an account. Cancellations are effective upon the date specified by the authorized contact.

Domain name registration fees are non refundable. Partial month's are not prorated. You will be charged for the full current months of service.

All downloaded software sales are final and the cost is non refundable.

Payments rendered by credit card will be refunded by crediting the credit card account used to make the payment within 5 business days after receipt of cancellation. Payments tendered via check, cash, money order or bank wire transfer will be refunded by check within 30 days after receipt of cancellation.

It is your responsibility to ensure that we have received your request for cancellation. Claims of cancellation requests having been sent but not received by our system will not be honored. To ensure cancellation dates we recommend calling us to ensure we have received your cancellation request.