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Your own Domain Name registered in your name and completely managed by us, with 24/7 toll−free technical support

$19.95 per year

Page updated on:
Wed, 29 Dec 2004 18:15:00 GMT

Your own Domain Name registered and completely managed by us, with 24/7 toll−free technical support

$19.95 per year

Question: I have heard about new top level domain names. Should I register a domain name with one of the following extensions?

agent arts auction chat church club family free game golf inc kids law llc llp love ltd med mp3 school scifi shop soc sport game tech travel video xxx

For example I like how this sounds:   www.AmericanTravel.agent

Answer:   NO!

Question:   Why?
Answer:   Would you buy a car that can run only on a specially modified roads? We think not!

But don't take our words for it, see for yourself what the official organization in charge of domain name registrations The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers has to say. That would be a long story.

But the short story is this: company has made up some extensions which are not under any standard and they are NOT accessible, unless you modify your computer. Just imagine this: you want to advertise your domain name on your business card, company letterhead, newspaper, magazine, TV, etc.; but YOU CAN'T. Well, you can technically, but nobody will find you, unless they modify their computers. Can you imagine a situation where you handle your business card to your client, and then you would have to say -"Oh, by the way, you have to download a special program on your computer and install it before you can visit our web site!". I wonder, how many clients you will get with a business card like this?

There are also a few big companies that want to cash-in on this new opportunity, but that does not make it a new standard.

Please, don't be a victim, use only ICANN approved top level domain names (domain name extensions).

Call us toll free, and we can help you with that:

Question:   Ok, but why do I need you for, to register a domain name? I can do this on my own, right?
Answer:   True! You can register and maintain it on your own, you can even change the oil in your own car, but some people who value their time don't want to get down on their knees and do a dirty job. They hire professionals to do that. Well, we are those professionals. We do the dirty work for you, which required some technical knowledge. And best of all we are doing this for pennies a day, literally. We will register domain in your name, and will create and maintain necessary DNS records for only 19.95 dollars per year. You probably already know that in order to register domain name you have to have a DNS records for that domain hosted by an Internet Service Provider. For extra cost, some registration companies can do that for you, but you still have to be knowledgeable in DNS technology. Even most ISP's who is hosting your web site can maintain DNS records for you, but again, it will cost you extra. Some ISP's even claiming that they will maintain basic DNS records for free, but if you need anything extra - they will charge you for that.

NetChain Communications can solve all sorts of possible problems between you and domain registration company and even between you and your hosting company. We will register domain name in your name. You will be the legal owner and administrative contact of your domain name. We will only be a technical specialists who handles the job for you. You will have a full flexibility with your domain name for a one fixed price. You can have a very sophisticated domain name structure same as, for example, MicroSoft has. And you will never hear from your ISP a phrase like "...sure we can do that, but you'll need to pay more for that".

For a flat fee of $19.95 per year we will register your domain name in your name and handle DNS records and all technical details necessary for maintaining a domain name. And here's the best part: You won't find anywhere on our web site any complicated forms to get you started. We have simplified our services to the minimum - just pick up the phone, and call us toll−free. You can call us toll−free 24/7 and talk to a real person for anything related to your domain name. You wont hear a busy signal or answer machine. And you don't even need The Internet to do that.

Call us toll free anytime, and we will register your domain name within a seconds: