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Despite the fact that this program is designed to change layout of Russian keys on standard keyboard, it can be useful even for those who has no intention of typing in Russian or any other languages on their computers.

This program changes location of Russian characters on your keyboard. Also this program assigns new characters for unused combination of keys.

Do you know what is the purpose of Alt keys on your keyboard?
If you think that it's just to activate menus - think again!

Simply put, Alt keys are designed to enter alternative characters. It can be other language or some special symbols. Unfortunately it is not widely used in computers. It is quite often users needed to enter some character which doesn't have a designated key, for example the copyright symbol ©. And what do you suppose to do to enter this key? Well that's depends on the program you are using. Luckily Microsoft Word™ has a way of entering those special characters. Some other programs probably have somewhat limited capabilities too, but there isn't any unified system to do that.

PhoneticLayout is designed to fill that gap. After installing PhoneticLayout you will be able to enter lots of special characters in programs where you couldn't do that before. That's because PhoneticLayout is not designed for a specific program, it is designed for Windows - the operational system. As long as you have the ability to type in a program you are using you should be able to enter those special characters. Please note that besides the ability to enter special characters your program should have approptiate fonts to display them, not to mention your program should allow you to use those characters in that place. Read FAQ for more information.

That was the secondary purpose of PhoneticLayout, because primary was to change location of Russian keys on standard US keyboard.

Here's the problem:

If you want to type in russian on your computer with Microsoft Windows, then you need to know where russian keys are located on your keyboard. Assuming you are already installed Russian Keyboard Driver (see FAQ for info on that).

That's because Russian Typewriter's keyboard has nothing to do with English, therefore the location of Russian keys are totaly differ from US/English standard. It means that you have to learn how to type in Russian even if you are very well know Russian language, but never typed on computer or typewriter in Russia.

The Solution:

Install Phonetic Keyboard Layout, and as long as you can type in english, you should very easy and fast be able to adopt a standard English keyboard to type in Russian. That's because PhoneticLayout changes location of most Russian keys to be located under it's english phonetic equivalent (hence the name Phonetic).

In other words Russian leter A will reside under English letter A, Russian letter M under english M, Russian K under English K, etc.

Below is the layout of Russian kyes after installing PhoneticLayout on your computer.

Layout of keys assuming Caps Lock button is off
Layout of keys with SHIFT key down

Positive Side-Effect

We thought: as long as you are installing our program on your computer which will adjust your keys location, why don't we throw something extra in our ley mapping, so you will be able to type some extra characters? And we did!

That's why after installing PhoneticLayout you will be able to enter many extra characters by pressing certain combination keys. Here's how you would do that: Assuming you are installed PhoneticLayout

  1. Swith to Russian Language by pressing a combination of keys defined in your Control Panel under Keyboard Properties applet, under tab Input Locales (by default left Alt+Shift).
  2. Press right Ctrl and Alt at the same time, and then, while holding them down, any other key. If that key has extended character set assigned to it, then you will see that character in your program.

In some cases you may need to hold down 3 keys at the same time right Ctrl+Alt+Shift and then the 4th key to enter a text.

Here's the layout of some symbolic kyes after installing PhoneticLayout on your computer.

Layout of keys assuming Caps Lock button is off
Layout of keys with SHIFT key down
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RUKeyLayout6,5.exe 256,138 bytes Version 6.5 Release: 5/10/2003