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Free for a Fee. What part of "Free" don't you understand?

Article by Lev Shamilov.   September 23, 2004

click to see full size*

Well, I personally don't understand the part that has letters F and two E's. Here's why: Today I found an advertisement for a web site called MyMusicInc. The advertisement were saying the service is free, and I genuinely believed them, since I love music. So I typed my E-mail address and clicked on the button called Download now.

First of all Download? Download what? My E-mail address?? Because that's what I typed in the box, right next to the Download now button, so logically you would assume that the Download button suppose to let you download something. But that was a lie, because instead of downloading I was redirected to the second page. And of course I knew that.

So this company lied to me once, before I even signed up for anything. They mislead me. The name of the button was a lie. Let's see what happens next. On the second page I was surprisingly (or not) presented to an option to sign up for one of their membership plans for a fee!

Sign up page

What? I thought the advertisement was that I can download for free, but apparently I can't, because I have to pay them some fee for the membership before I would be able to download something for free.

Do I have a problem with english language? Please help me! Because I thought the free means no fee. Apparently it's not for the MyMusicInc.

Here's an idea: I will give you my house for free. Just give me 2 million US dollars and you can have it for free. Nice logic, isn't it? That's how MyMusicInc's thinks.

But that's not all. If you will look at their home page, on the list saying "Why We Are The #1 Download Website", one of the reasons stating "NO POP-UPS". Again, silly me, I want to believe them. When I saw the sign up page and realized that I just been lied to, I decided to leave them, so I clicked the Back button in my browser, and here's what I saw: 2 POP-UP windows. They said NO POP-UPS but they will flood you as soon as you would try to leave. There's even more, their webmasters has done such a poor job, they didn't even checked where I go! They thought I were leaving their web site where in fact I was just going back in my browser to the previous page which was their HOME PAGE! How wrong that is? Their entire IT department should get fired for such a poor job.

Oh by the way, the two pop-up windows where advertisements for other MP3 related web sites, most likely the other web sites of the same company. One called which offers exactly the same thing - downloads. The other called which offered (can you guess?) right MP3 Downloads!

Here's what I don't understand the most: They so openly lied to me. They mislead me, they lied about free downloads, they lied about pop-up windows, and now they are trying to offer me some other services? I think that's really stupid, don't you think? Yeah, like I am going to believe them now, and will sign up to these other services.

Can you believe it? Just imagine, you are walking on the street, and here's a salesman staying in front of a shoe store and telling you: "Hey, just come here, I will give you this pair of shoes for free." You are making few steps and walking into the store, asking: " where are they?". And the salesman tells you: "Sorry, I can't give you them for free, you have to buy them!".

What would you do to that salesperson, if this happens to you? ...A punch in the face would be appropriate, I think! But I know, you have to be nice, so you would probably say what's in your mind and leave the store, because you don't want to give your money to the liar.

So the next time you see a web site like this - do what you would do if that would be a real store, on the street. Just leave, and never comeback!.

But you know what? I just wanted to see how much this company would lie, so I decided to check the two logos I noticed at the bottom of their home page. One says ZDNet Editor's Choice the other indicated a rating of 5 of 5 on some shareware web site 5/5 on Shareware River. They were listed under proud title Awards. See the left bottom of their home page. To my surprise these logos didn't had a hyper link under them. Usually when company receives such awards, they link back to the site that issued the award, for the proof, but it wasn't in this case.

So I decided to make my own investigation. A simple search of both web sites immediately revealed the truth that neither of them ever heard anything about MyMusicInc web site. Here's the search result of ZDNet Editor's Choice and 5/5 on Shareware River at the time of writing this article.

So they lied again. ...why am I not surprised?... Let me ask you: Would you hire a person with fake diploma? I don't think so. Well, on the internet, these logos are web sites credentials. Faking them is like forgery a diploma or ID. Now it's not a lie anymore - it's a crime! This behavior should be punishable.

Anyway, the bottom line is - pay attention to these little details such as mislabeled buttons. If they lied once, most likely the whole web site is a sham. Yeah, maybe they would do a fraction of the service they promise, but we suggest you to stay away from sites like this, because to me they are not any better than any scam artists who tries to still your money.

Lev Shamilov,
Chief Technology Officer
NetChain Communications, Inc.

*These screen-shots has been taken at the time of writing the article on 9/23/2004

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September 24 2004, 04:31:57 AM by JackWatts
Finally, someone said it...

October 07 2004, 03:41:29 AM by Anonymous
Good job, Thanks
October 11 2004, 09:57:37 AM by Anonymous
Actually, hey, check this out. If you go to their site, and go to "Member Login"... THEIR LOGIN SYSTEM IS FAKE!!! Just type in ANY name, and ANY e-mail address, and it will let you in.

Isn't that retarted?!?! And once you get in to the members site, get ready for a good laugh. All they offer you is Limewire, and instructions on how to download from Limewire. Plus they offer you "bonuses" like other FREE media players and software.. that you can get for FREE anywhere yourself! And click on the "song lyrics" link.. oh man... what a waste of time and energy for any human being.

Good work on the article.
October 28 2004, 9:33:14 PM by Anonymous
It's free, just login

October 31 2004, 5:41:34 PM by Anonymous
Thanks for the heads-up. Nearly sent my money. Feudal
November 04 2004, 9:42:58 PM by Anonymous
Good work Lev...

November 15 2004, 6:26:05 PM by Anonymous
Hey, I found a link from the zdnet site about the It talks about some of the problems with the website . Here's the link to it:
November 30 2004, 8:57:43 PM by Anonymous
We do need someone like yourself to protect us from these cyberscammers. I too almost fell for it but decided to do some research first. I am glad I did. Thank you for a job well done. Kikaiea
December 11 2004, 4:10:36 PM by Anonymous
MyMusicInc... their collection of MP3s is so extensive, they have songs, artists, and albums that don't even exist! Just open their "search" and type in whatever you want, the network has it! Guranteed!
January 06 2005, 11:42:47 PM by Anonymous
Thank You! It pays to really dig in and do the research before getting sucked into a nightmare of problems and your site helped.

January 12 2005, 5:55:27 PM by Anonymous
Thanks..I almost fell for their tricks.
January 17 2005, 10:51:03 AM by Anonymous
This is quite an extensive scam... they even set up a fake reviews site to plug the scam (and probably reduce the liklihood of people finding pages like this REAL review).

Looks like all the services on that review page are the same scam.
January 25 2005, 11:13:38 AM by Anonymous
I got scammed by them too and im pissed! I cant even get them to respond to my emails of course so I am going to try sending them a million faxes at once. That is if their fax number is even legit
January 27 2005, 08:34:53 AM by Anonymous
Good work Lev.
They are tring to lie people.

Jose (From Argentina)
January 27 2005, 08:36:11 AM by Anonymous
Is there a JAIL for them ?
This people must be in jail !
February 02 2005, 12:02:08 PM by Anonymous
We almost fell for it. Thanks for the review.
I highly recommend doing a web search with the words "problems with" or "reviews of" and the name of the company . That's how I found this information. Keep up the good work Lev.
February 12 2005, 11:55:21 AM by Anonymous
I was just about to dig out the old visa when a thought came over me to check out some blogs on this website... really glad I did.
Drinks are on me... cheers,
James in Portland, OR.
February 12 2005, 10:32:49 PM by Anonymous
was about to sign up so thank you so much for your article. I thought I could finally download music again! I had also found the site and wondered if it was fake. thanks everyone.
February 23 2005, 05:41:43 AM by Anonymous
thanks I was about to sign up till I read the review! I almost got bopped big time!!!
March 01 2005, 09:59:20 AM by Anonymous
I got suckered by them. LOL Jerks.
March 14 2005, 12:40:15 AM by Anonymous
Well, At least I know I did not get the honors of being the only stupid person to believe the lies and I asked for a refund. I bet that never happens either. A few among like this are enough to make me give up internet shopping altogether.. Damn I hate to feel the shaft.................Another dummy
March 21 2005, 1:45:07 PM by Anonymous
Ugh i gave my email and now i they wont stop sending my mail about there great "Free music" and software. any ideas on how to unsubscribe seeing as the links to that are fake in the email they send. btw very true what you have said, this should be against the law as i came across this looking for a mp3 that i couldnt find anywhere and they said they had it, i gave my email address and now i get at least 3 emails a day from them, very annoying.
March 21 2005, 7:20:16 PM by Anonymous
What you pay for in these gimmicks is access to links that you can for free on your own anyway. In the case of , what you get for free is a short list of downloads by unsigned & unknown artists. They also never respond to requests.
March 27 2005, 02:20:44 AM by Anonymous
PayPal should also be checked for allowing websites to use there services in cases such as fraud as paypal say's they don't allow abuse of there services and yet they do.
March 28 2005, 6:18:19 PM by Anonymous
I am just going to join them(mymusicinc), thaks so much, I already I changed my mine, I am not going join them even just a litter money. Thanks thanks, we need more pepole like you.
my e-mail
March 28 2005, 6:18:33 PM by Anonymous
I am just going to join them(mymusicinc), thaks so much, I already I changed my mine, I am not going join them even just a litter money. Thanks thanks, we need more pepole like you.
my e-mail
April 05 2005, 05:16:42 AM by Anonymous
I can't believe I got sucked in by them! It took me several emails to
get my money back . There response to my emails were far for trying
to help me...they were still trying to lie and push me away!
The owners should be identified...they must have other scams on the web...
April 20 2005, 03:49:22 AM by Anonymous
Good work Lev. Nearly got suckered.
So where is good for ultra-rare MP3s? Any suggestions?
April 26 2005, 03:24:39 AM by Anonymous
They almost got me. But I suspected that something is wrong because they ask for money too soon without showing anything about their service.
Very good job Lev
April 26 2005, 11:56:30 AM by Anonymous
thanks, I could have been next.
May 02 2005, 11:17:50 PM by Anonymous
The Place Of Dangerous Minds likes what you have done here.

... TheFatherMind / Master Merlin Cul Kirkpatrick
May 03 2005, 09:07:45 AM by Anonymous
They almost had me! Thank you!

May 14 2005, 8:30:10 PM by Anonymous
All points on target. I nearly signed up but backed out prior to entering cc number in order to do more research. Had a bad feeling about many things you mentioned. Nice work.
May 26 2005, 07:51:51 AM by Anonymous
Thanks for the info! I typed in "internet fraud mymusicinc" in google search the instant I found just to check out if I could find anything out about why a company could give you unlimited downloads for just 99 cents a month. Was I ever glad I did! ~ Grace
May 26 2005, 07:53:16 AM by Anonymous
Question, does anybody know who FatherMind is and why his message is so cryptic and creepy? ~Grace
May 31 2005, 12:50:44 AM by Anonymous
kudos to you for unearthing this shameless and sham website. i too, nearly paid for it.. afterall whats 0.99 per month right? and they say if not satisfied then full money back guarantee within 30 days (another lie ofcourse). music download is understandable, but dvd movies?? isn't anything legal anymore? and to assume that nbc/cnn/etc etc who's logos have been used on the site, would endorse such a site!

June 17 2005, 08:58:10 AM by Anonymous
Nice work! For a genuine alternative that doesn't rip you off, try

June 20 2005, 6:46:44 PM by Anonymous
Thanks...a lot ..I am sucker.....Got duped !..I am trying to get my money back now. Crossing my fingers...chane seem slim. But here we go.
July 01 2005, 5:57:05 PM by Anonymous
I got duped, shoot. I am calling my credit card company now. I hope I can get my money back and these music traces off of my computer. Dangit!!!
July 06 2005, 06:31:57 AM by Anonymous
Thanks for saving me the money and hassle. I was about to sign up when I did a goolge search on them and yur blog came up. Glad I did and very glad you did!
July 07 2005, 12:38:42 PM by Anonymous
Man, you are the best detective out there. Thanks for everything and thanks for saving many people's money. You're the man!!!
July 13 2005, 2:02:54 PM by Anonymous
whew! that was a close one. if it sounds too good to be true than it probably is! I was this close to giving them my green. thanks for the research Lev!
July 21 2005, 4:06:31 PM by Anonymous
It’s a classic example of some punk who is trying to take your money for something you can do for your self. They just provide the page to download the software.....did I mention you can do that for free also...lolol....what should really be done is have sites like this removed so innocent people don’t get taken advantage of by would-be scam artists.

July 27 2005, 6:27:28 PM by Anonymous
I too was about to join but decided to do a little research before I gave them my credit card. Thanks,

July 28 2005, 02:55:04 AM by Anonymous
As above, did a google search for "mymusicinc review" and found this page. If it looks fishy, sounds fishy and smells a bit fishy, well it probably is then....

Many thanks,

July 28 2005, 04:59:26 AM by Anonymous
Hi, I fell for this scam.

I payed via the "ClickBank Secure Order Form" option. Can someone please tell me what I need to do to get my money back, and my rights in this situation ? thankyou
July 29 2005, 7:53:43 PM by Anonymous
Thank you for the input,I was just on my way to my music inc
August 09 2005, 12:59:07 AM by Anonymous
I fell for it, ahh!! I don't know if I should close my credit card? Do they continue to do fraudulent acts on it or just charge it the one time?
August 13 2005, 10:10:00 AM by Anonymous
Thank you for your review, the site sounded too good to be true.

August 15 2005, 5:42:24 PM by Anonymous
thanks for the info, you just eased the mind and answered questions of an "almost sucker" . Glad I got this before signing. me
August 16 2005, 09:04:13 AM by Anonymous
Thank you Lev - how nice that someone took the trouble to post this information. Shame it doesn't apply in general. There should be a 'Watchdog' for the people for every site!! Excellent Job. Much appreciated! Best site so far is Winmx - great site for music sharing.
August 17 2005, 3:04:11 PM by Anonymous
I also just ran across this web site. I was suspicious, so I did a google search and luckily found your report here. It's nearly a year AFTER your report, and they still exist?!! Thank you for your time with sharing these details!!
August 18 2005, 6:22:22 PM by Anonymous
Good job, Lev!
I'm proud of you, brother!
August 22 2005, 9:47:12 PM by Anonymous
We downloaded and gave our credit card number
Is there anyone we can report them to?
Is there anyway to get our money back??
We normally research EVERYTHING to the point that we seem anal This time we got to eager and look at this

any advise would be great
sincerely "just bent over"
September 02 2005, 10:44:05 PM by Anonymous
I just paid their "lifetime" fee for unclean downloads. Do you know how I can get my money back?
September 04 2005, 11:46:46 PM by Anonymous
I also havehad a bad experience with them. I applied for one months subscription to their FREE music but they took the cost of a yearly subscription out of my account. When I emailed them for a refund they all but told to get lost. I requested the name of the customer service Manager & I got a real snotty reply at 12:50am from some guy called Brian who was supposedly the the CSM. However I am sure he was the half wit that I had been dealing with all lalong . I have since had to cancel my credit card as I am afraid they will help themselves again. I am now seeking the aid of the ombudsman as I believe them to a very dodgy operation & would advise all to give them a very wide berth indeed.....
September 10 2005, 6:22:26 PM by Anonymous
Fell for it ......... nice
Now you can't even get music without getting ripped off!!
September 26 2005, 04:13:18 AM by Anonymous
i did felt for it i sent an e-mail to the BBB hopefully i could get my money back F@#$%ING SCAMMERS
here's my info
September 28 2005, 08:12:59 AM by Anonymous
thks was curriouse if it existed and if anyone had done a review. It also supposedly has a PC world review too.
September 29 2005, 12:44:58 AM by Anonymous
I wish i had checked up on this earlier. Got scammed. E-mailed them no reply yet. And yes its true. I logged in as p***sedofffrom Username: go f**k yourself and guess what I was put through to a page saying "welcome go f**k yourself"

September 30 2005, 4:49:46 PM by Anonymous
when i found out that is a scam, i felt really stupid for subscribing!!! i did try logging in as a different member, and they let me in. I typed in some made-up e-mail and used "YOU STUPID SON OF A B*TCH!!!! And it worked! It said "Welcome to the members' area YOU STUPID SON OF A B*TCH!!!!

Their "User Testimonies" are Bullsh*t too. I remember seeing the users' comments about how great this sh*t is, but the other day i logged in and saw the same comments but the pictures of the users are different. CAN SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME REFUND MY $44 FROM THOSE A**HOLES!! E-MAIL AT
October 02 2005, 1:44:26 PM by Anonymous
Woah, Just checked out the log in. logged as george bush and it logged right away (later here i read the comment by thier gearbox support guy on this page) and if my eyes decieved me, a link that refers to LIMEWIRE!?!?! a program that has already existed free for give er take 5 years?? you bloody bastards taking credit away from the goode people from limewire who provide ad free p2p from day one. Im learning Voodoo just to hex you bastards!!! and im a fast learner.............
The Original Pissed off Canadian.
October 13 2005, 6:49:39 PM by Anonymous
Hey I just Found out that This web site has switched their name now they are just My So beware or they will get you there as well
November 27 2005, 11:57:45 PM by Anonymous
thanks for the info i was just about to go there until I saw what you wrote about the scam artest
November 28 2005, 12:41:48 AM by Anonymous
just came across some more scam sites that claim they're free until you sign up and some even lead you right to, mp3 and They all want credit card info and money to sign up. Thank you so much for starting this post when you did now other people can be on the look out for scammers. when signing uu just make up a name and email and see how it goes from there you'll know and can stop and get away chelle
November 28 2005, 5:29:26 PM by Anonymous
Thanks, Great job.
December 04 2005, 3:41:51 PM by Anonymous
I was just about to whip out the 'ol credit card because the site looked so damned legit... all those favorable comments. Thank goodness I googled and found your site. So, I'm computer stupid, but I'm learning. Where can I go to download music free, without being bombarded by pop-ups and viruses? Help!... Mary
December 07 2005, 09:56:47 AM by Anonymous
You have saved me time and frustration. THANKS SOOOOO MUCH!!! Have a great day!!

December 12 2005, 09:29:42 AM by Anonymous
December 15 2005, 11:54:29 AM by Anonymous
I also got a charge on my card for and i dont know where it came from either. I remember the site for music you were talking about. The pop-ups too. What do we do about this and to get our money back? Please help!! Thanks for your help in helping stop these LIARS on theses computers,Dyanna
December 15 2005, 12:03:17 PM by Anonymous
I just got off of the fon with and i was HOT and they knew it,After a few words they agreed to refund my money in 3-5 buisiness days.WOW~!! I cant believe i got my money back ....Thanks for the information with the fon # It worked for me Dyanna
December 19 2005, 12:09:11 AM by Anonymous
I just learned a very expensive lesson. Research, research, research. I'll try to get my money back, but who knows? Your article and these postings were hindsight. Thanks. Keep up the good work.
December 23 2005, 10:22:35 AM by Anonymous
Got their ad in my yahoo mail. Surfing their site proved it to be devious. However, there is a really good, inexpensive, legit site at . Now I am going to surf this articles website and try to spend some money just for thanks.
Thankful from John the Smilindog in Texas.
December 29 2005, 09:44:45 AM by Anonymous
Thank you so much for this warning. I'm trying to find a safe site to get music but I heard that the safest sites are ones you pay for (but not this one) Thanks for warning me!!

Nervous Nelly
December 31 2005, 09:03:29 AM by Anonymous
Hey thanks for your reveiw. I almost paid them for a subscription and decieded to goole it first and found your reveiw. Thanks so much from keeping me and many others from being ripped off.,

December 31 2005, 2:04:29 PM by Anonymous
I totally enjoyed all the comments.

The following is my favorite..

'Don't be fooled by the people saying that My Muisc INC are a bunch of Scammers they are all ignorant bastards'.

Duh! I wonder who sent that? and how much they paid him?

(Life's Lesson) 'If it sounds too good to be true, it is!

People! wake up and smell the coffee!

The Good old days of free Napster and free Kazaa are

I almost pissed my pants when I saw the .99 per month
deal. But then my mind wandered back to reality, so I ran
a Google search..

One of the perks of having 63 years of life's experiences.

'A fool and their money are soon parted'.

December 31 2005, 4:20:47 PM by Anonymous
Good work, love the comments from people who were going to sign up but didn't because of this page, you cost the scammers some real $$$
January 10 2006, 11:58:14 AM by Anonymous
I'm pretty sure that what MyMusicInc is doing is a liar and a crime. This should be punished.
January 12 2006, 11:17:32 AM by Anonymous
I was actually on the credit card page and my intuition kicked in and I thought hold on a minute this is too easy...I googled mymusicinc and found your site- THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Dr. Eaddy
January 17 2006, 04:00:55 AM by Anonymous
thank you for speeking out . I always do a serch of the web address that offers something for free . These are where most trojens hide . Thanks again
January 19 2006, 4:55:45 PM by Anonymous
i totally fell for it to stupid f***s!!! they had better get my money back or i'm gonna find their house and kick their asses. anybody know how to gat the $$$$ back?
January 26 2006, 10:56:18 AM by Anonymous
I was scammed, I Paid They lied, What 30 day satisfaction Guarantee. Still waiting for a response from Richard who took my money. Richards Phone #877-406-4256
Mike from CA
January 29 2006, 9:10:25 PM by Anonymous
I was about to join them, then I read your message post. Thank you everyone I appreciate the time you've spent here helping people. Just thought I'd let you know whats up

James ;}
January 31 2006, 6:41:04 PM by Anonymous
The billing department of MY MUSIC INC is 877-354-0013. Enjoy using their nickle for ripping you off.
February 09 2006, 07:49:41 AM by Anonymous
Great thanks, nearly hit the "pay now" button but decided to have a look at the net 1st, see if anyone had any complaints about the site. Haha.
February 18 2006, 1:59:30 PM by Anonymous
I just called this number 877-354-0013 and the message says NOT to leave the phone number, only email address, since they are unable to make an outbound calls.

How lame is that?

Would you want to buy something from a business that can not make a phone call???

March 06 2006, 10:45:21 PM by Anonymous
If you were duped like me,(sounds like some were) file a complaint at to report computer fraud....Some_1_2_talk_2
March 14 2006, 2:26:32 PM by Anonymous
Another soul saved by your article. Thanks!

If everyone you saved from this scam sent you just five bucks that they would've otherwise lost you would be richly rewarded indeed.

Good job!
March 18 2006, 8:09:49 PM by Anonymous
March 22 2006, 2:26:29 PM by Anonymous
Just called the 877-354-0013 number, and "Tommy" picked up on the second ring. He took my e-mail address, and told me that my money will be refunded in 3-5 business days. I will keep you all posted on whether or not it happens.

Rich P.
April 18 2006, 6:40:48 PM by Anonymous
I got taken! jerks! I will continue to email them until im blue in the face! this is WRONG! Something should be done!
April 20 2006, 11:30:45 AM by Anonymous
I was suspicious. I've just been on the site, knowing nothing about it. I asked some awkward questions - about quality, range of music, performers, origin of Midi files. None of the questions were answered. Your comments above allow me to close the book. I had been planning to do some research. You've done it. Thanks.
April 24 2006, 10:28:17 AM by Anonymous
I too saw this! Unfortunetly, I fell for it! Now I'm out $18.95
With no download. It's FAKE!!!! Don't do it! Now I have to go to my bank and tell them how stupid I was to see if they can get the cost back
Mpls, Mn.
May 11 2006, 12:14:29 AM by Anonymous
I was told I could download for a one off fee, but when I finished registering my CC details they said there would be further fees. I cancelled my subscription immediately.
I thought no more about it, until I got my monthly CC statement, they had stolen $18.95 and $29.95 from my account. Is there anything I can do?
June 09 2006, 01:55:15 AM by Anonymous
i am a victim. apart from giving them a 3yr membership they have my credit card details (should i be worried). i also got a root-kit on my hard drive that took Spy Sweeper to kill it. companys like this need to b put out of business
June 10 2006, 4:01:26 PM by Anonymous
Jaybee New Zealand I paid $47.00 and got nothing cant even get a reply to my emails I been ripped off, dont know what to do now
want my money back, pissed off with this crap,
June 12 2006, 12:41:50 PM by Anonymous
Thanks, I came within 30 seconds of subscribing. By the way, where is a decent mp3 download site with a good range of rock/folk general. Not itunes, as they don't sell to South Africa (sanctions still in place 12 years later). Shango
June 29 2006, 9:19:10 PM by Anonymous
I was actually about to buy this crap
I'm glad I read your article
July 02 2006, 7:04:56 PM by Anonymous
Yeah. i just went there and paid $21.00 for a two year unlimeted downloading fee. There i was taken to "Limewire"..... If you know what Limewire is???? They are a bunch of liers. And now I believe they charged my account twice. Yeah, I know I am the most stupidest dude around for falling for their gimic...
July 08 2006, 09:11:55 AM by Anonymous
what made me suspicious was that i couldn't find out how much it cost until after i entered my name and email address. i put in fake info just to get to the payment page
July 18 2006, 06:59:20 AM by Anonymous
Please DON'T confuse this company with as they are legitimate and a great online store for CDs and DVDs. Their customer service is great and super friendly.

Recap: - FRAUD! - REAL!

July 18 2006, 1:10:34 PM by Anonymous
The people at My Music Inc ought to be in jail for criminal fraud. I fell for their lies (30-day free trial) and now I am out $18.95.
Paul in San Francisco
July 20 2006, 12:36:57 AM by Anonymous
Thanks, I almost fell for it also, but of course I "Googled" them and came to your forum. Thanks so much for busting them wide open!!!
August 08 2006, 07:27:33 AM by Anonymous
Many of the songs that I downloaded abruptly stops and goes to the next song.
August 21 2006, 7:04:17 PM by Anonymous
I was also tricked. I finally was able to get a phone number and talked to somebody that said that my money will be refunded. Here is the
phone number: 877-354-0013 (it was posted here already).
September 08 2006, 2:02:49 PM by Anonymous
i regrettfully paid them before seeing the signs . I will have to let you know how I fare in my attempt to cancel my payment.
September 09 2006, 8:05:17 PM by Anonymous
i got sucked in paid with Amex cancelled within 48 hours sent 2 more emails asking for confirmation never recieved a reply now they will answer to Amex anyone thinking of joining DONT
glad i found you
September 14 2006, 06:58:26 AM by Anonymous
I stupidly signed up. I found 1 song I wanted! To download that one song took 7 minutes!! Per their stated policy I e-mailed them to cancel my subscription. Fie e-mails and one fax later I still have no response or refund. I also think they may be selling customer info because after I sined up with them I had 2 charges to my checking account from FS Hoodia Burn Fat and Lean RX. These are the same company being run by a scam artist named Joseph Geoeli. dba Nova PointeLLC. I would like to get enough people to file class action suit against this guy.
September 16 2006, 5:01:50 PM by Anonymous
Its 2006 now and the site still sucks and still EXISTS!! Thanks for the research, I was just about to sign up believing their (excellent) sales crap, but good sense taught me to google their credentials which brought me here. The site owner should be in prison!!
September 20 2006, 1:11:07 PM by Anonymous
September 26 2006, 12:09:30 AM by Anonymous
I had never heard of mymusicinc until today. The first I knew of them was a $32.79 charge on my credit card statement. I know I haven't been downloading anything from them, so I went to Google. And how can you resist a link saying "shameless liars with a web sites and services full of traps"? So I'm talking to my card company...

September 29 2006, 01:00:52 AM by Anonymous
Isigned up for a one time member fee. After-downloading the software l could not get access to any songs.
Asked for help but was asked to buy anti-virus software! Icancelled my subscription . Their e-mail says they were preparing a refund.
I have yet to receive it.

October 04 2006, 08:36:50 AM by Anonymous
Great article. I almost fell for it but something in the back of my head held me back from entering my credit card details. Something about it just sounded to good to be true. I decided to investigate further and found this article and comments which opened my eyes to the truth. Thanx everyone.

Flemming. Denmark.
October 13 2006, 10:00:29 AM by Anonymous
i fell for the scam too thanks for the information Brandon
October 24 2006, 10:34:16 PM by Anonymous
I very glad for your investagion and thank you for your warnings for I tend to trust or take a person at their word. I don't want to be mislead either.
October 27 2006, 08:20:52 AM by Anonymous
I called 877-354-0013 and "Tony" (in UTAH) said he would return our money! Thanks, this is a great site!
November 20 2006, 6:17:35 PM by Anonymous
I tried the 30 day free trial. Canceled after 10 days. That was in September 06. We are now in November and still no refund. MymusicInc is a total scam. Stay away, they are selling you Limewire under a different name. You can download limewire for free in many sites!
November 20 2006, 6:40:35 PM by Anonymous
I tried the 30 day free trial. $44.90 USD. Canceled after 10 days. That was in September 06. We are now in November and still no refund. MymusicInc is a total scam. Stay away, they are selling you Limewire under a different name (rocketpro). You can download limewire for free in many sites!
I just call them at (877) 354- 0013. Of course I told them about this site telling the truth about them. They excuses were so lame and poor!
First, they did not recognized (sure!) the transaction number (order number on your receipt) because it started with XX.... I explained that the payment was through 'clickbank'
One of their explanations was that since the payment was made through "clickbank" and not 'Paypal' or 'ePay', I should contact 'clickbank'. for the refund. I refused, I bought the subscription from them and point it to the guy in the phone, that all of these was part of their scam. Then he said he was going to contact clickbank and I should receive my refund soon. I hope so. Anyway, I will post the result here.
November 28 2006, 6:21:43 PM by Anonymous
A lit bit wiser now, but my first clue that something was amiss was when I clicked on their $24.44 "lifetime" option and as soon as I gave my AmEx, it came back with a confirmation of $39.39. I called 877-354-0013 with 5 minutes and was told my charge would be "voided." I politely asked if they would send an email confirmation to that effect and were reluctant to do so. I have disputed fraudulent card charges in the past and it is more than just a matter of claiming fraud - the card co. only removes the disputed charge for a period of time while the customer has to do the legwork to track down documentation to prove their case. Even after this guy tried to put me off, I pointed out to him that I was already getting spam thanks to my naivete in handing over my email address, so would he please send me an email confirming that the charge would be removed (with my transaction ID#) while I waited on the line. He was a little taken aback when I pointed out to him that I would prefer to take care of it NOW and not have to call back when the charge hits my bill and 30 days had lapsed. Wish I had checked your site first. Will know better next time.
November 29 2006, 11:09:19 PM by Anonymous
I tottaly fell for this crap these people take advantage of people and are no better than a pick pocket on the street they should be charged with some kind of crime total misrepresentation well i had the transaction cancelled and will make sure everybody in my town hears about them i should have read your articles sooner
December 28 2006, 6:14:22 PM by Anonymous
I reached them be clicking on a SPONSORED LINK IN GOOGLE!? But thought I'd do a bit of research first and found this site. Hmm....
December 31 2006, 08:11:55 AM by Anonymous
Never gave them my money. Looked like a big lie. Roger
January 10 2007, 11:00:43 AM by Anonymous
thank god i found this i was just about to sign up! but can you recomend a music download site to use?
January 13 2007, 02:12:42 AM by Anonymous
I was also scammed. Signed up on 6th Jan & paid via PayPal.
Demanded money back via PayPal dispute process (9th Jan). Money refunded 11th Jan into PayPal account. Just thank my stars that I paid via PayPal.
January 31 2007, 3:52:46 PM by Anonymous
February 08 2007, 6:30:58 PM by Anonymous
Hello my name is Jim and on Jan 4, last month, my bank statement has a payment to CLKBANK*COM DownLo for 39.95 and I don't know what this is about. There is no dowm Load. I did not try to download any music . There is nothing I could think of that I purchased. Has anyone with this deduction rec'd a redit card recently for International Male Men's clothing? there is a tele # 800 390 6035 & I D #what I purchased (Hopefully) Let you know when I call tomorrow thanks
February 11 2007, 7:01:14 PM by Anonymous
Good work, Lev. Thanks for taking the time and effort to save us from another annoying net scam. Sometimes it's best to look a gift horse in the mouth.
February 16 2007, 11:31:21 PM by Anonymous
GOOD JOB LEV!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

March 28 2007, 11:49:22 AM by Anonymous
NIce mesage.
April 01 2007, 5:05:03 PM by Anonymous
I have to agree with the opinion of Lev! I have allot more experience with MyMusicInc. Unfortunately I actually paid for the music service for a 1 year membership and was very disappointed. I searched the web for reviews on downloading sites to find out which sites had the best software, customer support etc... I found three different web sites that rated this program #1! So after long debate and research I chose MyMusicInc as my music service. I am not the type to think your going to get something for nothing...I mean paying $20. for unlimited music is still much cheaper than buying cd's which are absolutely obsolete nowadays anyway. This music service totally mislead me after purchasing their software. First of all there is no way of finding out your system requirements before you purchase the software...big mistake on my part! Once you become a member you still have to contact support for basic system requirement info. After I received a follow up e-mail from them I still didn't get any info. Instead I was asked a bunch of questions about my system that I already provided. I replied to their e-mail and never heard back! I'm guessing it's because they screwed up and know it's a scam! To this day I still can not get a proper answer from them and the software runs like crap on my computer, so I've uninstalled the software and went with a more informative web site that gave me info on my system requirements before signing up, in fact it is posted on the home page before you even type or click anything. That still doesn't get my $20 bucks back from MyMusicInc, in fact it cost me $30 at MusicEtc but I have no problems with their software and I couldn't tell you how their support is cause I haven't had to use it. This is a good thing, unfortunately I was stung by MyMusicInc before I found a legitamate site at MusicEtc.

Phil Oliver.
April 16 2007, 10:27:47 PM by Anonymous
good thing
May 21 2007, 4:41:38 PM by Anonymous
I've never even heard of this company before today. I noticed a charge from them on my bank statement, then searched around and found this site. I never once authorized anything for them or even knew about them. I have no idea how they even got my credit card information.

I guess they're going at a new low now.
August 21 2007, 4:24:22 PM by Anonymous
this is very true those 'free download websites are liars!' it really seems like they really dont understand english. especially limewire each time i choose the plan for 2yrs unlimited downloads for 0.99 per month they switch me to some plan for 38 dollars and some cents and when i'm ready to place order they tells me i have to pay for the 38 dollars and some cent that really lie to their customers.
November 26 2007, 12:19:35 PM by Anonymous
You the man.
December 20 2007, 4:39:10 PM by Anonymous
i downloaded a music and video program and was billed for it on my credit card and i do not have it on my computer, i tried to e-mail the company for help but have not heard from them. can you help me get my money back?
my phone number is 916-682-5657 or 916-837-2824. please call me with help.......................................
February 01 2008, 12:14:32 PM by Anonymous
March 19 2008, 5:59:02 PM by Anonymous
Good to know...
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